“Everyone, this is some of Darryl’s kids…”

You don’t ever have to read this section to get through my blog.

It exists purely from my own ego and probably from a very long running need and habitual opportunism for individualisation/uniqueness.

I am a human being, and this is my human consciousness selecting words to go with each other one after the other right now, through this digital medium that I kind of see as an old-school handwritten diary that I’m just leaving open on the staff room coffee table for any fucker to have a geez.

I can foresee, that sometimes words are going to flow easily for me. And the other times, I will have to plop out a few bullet points here and there. If they’re the kind that need elaboration, wish me luck I get to that one day. If you’re the kind that needs elaboration, instantly, and ‘with no shame’, then please just ask. You’re invited to ask me anything about anything, and I’ll send you back a brain fart that has no rules or promises bar one – it, and all other responses from me, has a solid foundation of authenticity.

Oi: this foundation is a big fuckin deal to me. I currently refer to it as authenticity through compassion, to myself cause I’m a big ol hermit crab who has very beautiful friends and family that I rudely ignore and isolate myself from. But this will change in the near future, just the “name” for it, authenticity and compassion are my two main things right now. I will post something seperate on these two big dawgs.

So with that last little bit, I guess my name is really not that important. Only important to curiosity I guess. If you’re here from my own personal invitation, you’re probably laughing right now at the sheer knobbishness of this lame-ass paragraph (me *shakes fist*, while undermining myself with a cheeky chuckle). If you’re a faceless git from the internet and like me, are compulsed to give names to near everything that comes across your path, I already did it for you in the display name section. So you can go shave your back now bye…..